Apr 27, 2010

3 divided by 2 = ?

I've had a conversation rolling around in my head for the last few days/nights. Trying to find a conclusive answer to this question that, unbelievably, has been affecting my life for much too long a time. There is, of course, a very precise and indisputable answer... its just somehow not agreeable to everyone.

Today was more than the very definition of Portland weather manifested. Partly cloudy with scattered showers. Spring sprang forth and hurled herself around in a moody bi-polar escapade. The morning was grey and drenched in obese raindrops; water collecting everywhere on the already over-saturated ground and backing up into the streets from the straining drains. Everything a pair of new rubber boots could hope for.

Without the slightest suggestion of the day being anything but soaking wetness, there suddenly appeared the morning sun. Not just any daylight breaking through the clouds, but the type of sunburst that radiates down from the celestial ceilings and shouts with hallelujah choruses "I AM LIFE!" - the type of sunlight that reminds you how hot the summer is when you're ready for it to be over. With all the beauty spring offers us, every color illuminated and popping out against the deep foreboding blue grey sky, it went just as suddenly dark again as if time had skipped backward several hours into the night. Everytime I started to believe the day was going to go one way it would suddenly change again.

I love the energy in the atmosphere during such theatrical weather, but tonight I wonder if it sent me a little over the edge. I feel like a stray dog that's been tricked one too many times and am shaky and distrustful. Still, like a typical miracle straight from the 'good book' - as the evening wound down, so did the weather. Directly out my front window above the rooftops and behind the tall fir trees was a brilliant rainbow. As the sun started sinking down behind me the birds were out drying their wings, and a few thin white clouds were passing casually beneath a beautiful pale blue.... that was hours ago and as I type in the quiet dark of nighttime I realise it hasn't rained since.

At least someone keeps their word...

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