Aug 24, 2010

Hot fun in the summertime!

Nothing quite like a hard day's work to make you appreciate the rise of the moon in the darkening cool night sky.  The naked ladies are up again and the bud worms have

Aug 23, 2010

Ceiling mural for 9 yr old cub scout with a bald eagle (aspiring Eagle Scout) flying overhead and a glow in the dark night scene with galaxies, planets, comets, satellites, cosmic clouds and countless stars.  (I can't get a good picture of the night scene with my camera, but it looks similar to the one below I found on the web.)

May 8, 2010

Ruthie, the Lilith Fair critic...

Ruthie was asleep on Asia's lap while she was listening to the Lilith Fair contestants when a particular song came on that made Ruthie raise her head and growl at the computer. When it stopped she let out a huge sigh and went back to sleep! Thankfully, it wasn't mine.  ;)  Ruthie always lays at my feet when I play here at home, but I didn't know she actually had an opinion!

I guess I'll pay closer attention to her when I'm writing from now on.  

Apr 30, 2010

Garden Tender trailer gate

A simple but attractive business sign on a working trailer for the Garden Tender.



Apr 27, 2010

3 divided by 2 = ?

I've had a conversation rolling around in my head for the last few days/nights. Trying to find a conclusive answer to this question that, unbelievably, has been affecting my life for much too long a time. There is, of course, a very precise and indisputable answer... its just somehow not agreeable to everyone.

Jan 16, 2010

room make over for sisters

A complete room makeover for two teenage sisters that share a room. They both assisted in painting the green base color and then were locked out until the 'revealing'. Included in the makeover was finding them each a thrift store desk and chair for their own study areas & whitewashing the furniture. The ceiling opens up to a sky scene above each of their beds and at night the same area is a glow in the dark starlit sky. (I couldn't get a picture of the night scene on my camera but it is similar to the one below I found on the web. I'd give credit to the artist if I knew who they were.) 

Jan 3, 2010

Kitchen Ivy

Here in the NW ivy is an invasive plant that I have to pull to save my garden and have allergic reactions to while doing so. With that in mind I don't always appreciate how beautiful it can be... elsewhere. This is a kitchen in Alaska (where the ivy doesn't grow) that I painted with ivy details and the poem "Afternoon On A Hill" by Edna St. Vincent Millay painted freehand along the back wall above the cabinets. My apologies for the poor picture quality.

Tree ceiling

An 8' x 10' room to sit below the trees as they change seasons around each corner.