Jan 3, 2009

Things overheard in the ER on New Year's Eve

"Congratulations, you're our first call of 2009!"  (the EMT to me, in the ambulance)

"...i dunno what all he had, but they was illegal..."

" - something sticking out of every available orifice-"  (?!?)

"Where did the patient in 24 go?"

"...mushrooms, marijuana, and alcohol, but nothing illegal or anything."



"Who's in Psyche tonight and why aren't they accepting any more patients?"

"Our job isn't to figure out what's wrong with you, it's just to make sure you don't die. So far, so good."   (The doctor reading my ekg...)

Obviously, I didn't die.  But it will be a New Year to remember for sure.  I'm so glad-a-mighty 2008 is over.