Sep 10, 2009

Rilen's Room

Dr. Seuss themed nursery for some friends of mine. Just putting this on here for fun. I was not compensated for this and everything was freehand- no projector or tracing of any kind. I've always loved Dr. Seuss and had a blast doing this room. I put a border around the ceiling of some of my favorite quotes from either the man himself or his books. Between each quote are some more of his characters from various stories. Between the closet doors I made a "growth chart" of the "To Here, To There" sign post...
door panel detail

Aug 20, 2009

Mural for Water Conservation

I was commissioned by Portland Store Fixtures to paint a mural that would "make people think about local impact on water pollution and conservation".  There are four 4x8 panels each depicting a different ecosystem found here in Oregon: wetlands, rain forest, agricultural land, and the coast. Haiku's by local poet Annie Herring are on 3 of the 4 panels, and around each one in a tone-on-tone technique are statistics and factoids about water-  its vital impact on our daily lives and in turn how our daily lives impact the environment. Water is the only element necessary to the survival of all life on this planet.  The mural is installed in SE Portland near the Eastbank Esplanade. You can see more pictures of the installation here.  Click on images below to enlarge.

Detail Panel 4 seagull

Jan 3, 2009

Things overheard in the ER on New Year's Eve

"Congratulations, you're our first call of 2009!"  (the EMT to me, in the ambulance)

"...i dunno what all he had, but they was illegal..."

" - something sticking out of every available orifice-"  (?!?)

"Where did the patient in 24 go?"

"...mushrooms, marijuana, and alcohol, but nothing illegal or anything."



"Who's in Psyche tonight and why aren't they accepting any more patients?"

"Our job isn't to figure out what's wrong with you, it's just to make sure you don't die. So far, so good."   (The doctor reading my ekg...)

Obviously, I didn't die.  But it will be a New Year to remember for sure.  I'm so glad-a-mighty 2008 is over.