Jan 16, 2010

room make over for sisters

A complete room makeover for two teenage sisters that share a room. They both assisted in painting the green base color and then were locked out until the 'revealing'. Included in the makeover was finding them each a thrift store desk and chair for their own study areas & whitewashing the furniture. The ceiling opens up to a sky scene above each of their beds and at night the same area is a glow in the dark starlit sky. (I couldn't get a picture of the night scene on my camera but it is similar to the one below I found on the web. I'd give credit to the artist if I knew who they were.) 

Jan 3, 2010

Kitchen Ivy

Here in the NW ivy is an invasive plant that I have to pull to save my garden and have allergic reactions to while doing so. With that in mind I don't always appreciate how beautiful it can be... elsewhere. This is a kitchen in Alaska (where the ivy doesn't grow) that I painted with ivy details and the poem "Afternoon On A Hill" by Edna St. Vincent Millay painted freehand along the back wall above the cabinets. My apologies for the poor picture quality.

Tree ceiling

An 8' x 10' room to sit below the trees as they change seasons around each corner.