After taking a few years hiatus from touring and performing in public venues, Payton is excited to return to the studio for her first solo album after the dissolution of her duo Ter-ra with vocalist Sara Sanders. As the primary songwriter for the duo's two independently produced albums, Payton has sharpened her current work into a more refined and expressive art now intently focused on the power of one. One voice, one guitar, one sincere moment at a time.  Check back for updates.

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How We Resembled It All

No Destination 

“folk-pop with strong arrangements and even stronger vocals.”
-Willamette Week, Portland, OR


"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! There is something magical about the whole collaboration."
- kboo radio 90.7FM Portland, OR


"Earning a name for themselves touring throughout the Western United Sates, the duo is working to add folk music to Portland's standout roster. The impressive No Destination delivers the energy and creativity of years spent waiting to record an album of its depth and richness…this is one of those albums you want with you on a long drive."
- Just Out, Portland, OR

"...Ter-ra knows how to weave a seamless, gorgeous web of soaring melody and harmony. ...From the earthy, acoustic guitar-driven polyrhythms of Ter-ra's own original folk/rock tunes to it's unique, personal takes on others of the genre, the duo creates a shimmering, warm envelope of vocal interplay, delicately placed over the rock-steady guitar of Teri Payton. ...the buzz about them seems to grow with every new show."
- Statesman Journal, Salem, OR 


"Tightly woven harmonies and invigorating lyrics have become trademarks of this folk twosome. ...their debut CD, No Destination, is a skillfully produced recording with an ensemble of talented musicians."
- Borders Books and Music Review


"...prolific, impressive songwriting...soothing voices and harmonies that are right on."
-Victory Music Review