Feb 2, 2013

WFA's Portland Fighting Fillies official schedule poster

Going to be a great year! This poster will be up all over the Portland metro area and printed in regional publications.

Nov 11, 2012

WFA's Portland Fighting Fillies - New Logo for 2013

The logo I designed for the 2012 season of the Portland Fighting Fillies (Women's Football Association) became their official logo. I gave it a facelift for 2013 with a little more substance to fit the full contact sport. I am so excited to have my design represent such a great organization! 

Oct 13, 2012

Kayson - oil portrait

Kayson - oil portrait - private collection

Jul 12, 2012

New painting and random thought...

Apples & Pears 8 x 20 oil on board- SOLD

I probably shouldn't confess this on a public format, but I feel like I just have to say something. I was either very lazy or this was an exercise for my imagination. I didn't have a single apple or pear to look at and I didn't go to the store to get any. I painted this from my head. It was fun to force myself to think that hard about something so inconsequential as fruit, but I appreciate the value of working from the real thing. Maybe I'll redo this with edible fruit in front of me and compare the paintings. That would be an interesting exercise...

Jun 11, 2012

Fighting Fillies Ad in PQ Monthly

Print ad for the Portland Fighting Fillies full contact women's football team in PQ Monthly magazine. There is no powder, puff, or lingerie when these girls play... it is full contact and full on football.
Thanks to Erin Diurba for the photography. Below is the original photo to get a perspective on how a good ad/poster/design just isn't worth its paper if you don't start with a great shot.  Erin's photos make my job more fun.

Apr 9, 2012

Print & concept design for gardening co.

Garden Tender is a company owned by a good friend of mine with a very green thumb. She also sells hanging baskets. If anyone in the area is wanting to beautify their porch or business drop me a line.